What You Should Know About Your Trip

Israel is a modern, developed country, and you can purchase virtually anything you need during your stay, including clothing, cosmetics, and hygiene products.

If you are visiting Israel during the summer we suggest the following:

  • Longsleeve and short sleeve shirts. Some sites require knees and elbows to be covered. Thus make sure to bring shorts and long pants as well. But remember it will be hot, so try to keep it lightweight. We will let you know the night before if you will need to be covered. You will need at least 3 days worth of this “holy site” clothing.
  • Beach clothing and a towel. Some places such as Ein Gedi, Jordan Baptisms, and the Dead Sea will be places to get in the water.
  • Toiletries, sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses.
  • Water bottle that you can refill during the day.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a small bag or backpack for the day.
  • You will want to bring hiking shoes and/or water shoes for Ein Gedi and Hezekiah’s Tunnel.
  • Bring adapters for your electronics. Israel uses European sockets.
  • We will be traveling to at least 3-4 different hotels during the trip.
  • We will be doing a lot of walking. So plan to walk a couple miles a day.

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1) Israel Adventure is not responsible for flight cancellations and subsequent changes to the itinerary for the cancellation/rerouting/or lateness of the airplanes. Such circumstances are outside of the control of the Israel Adventure and must be pursued through the airline.
2) The Israel Adventure does not guarantee that all sites will be visited. Numerous varibiles exist outside of the control of the company including size and movement of groups and closing of sites for reasons beyond the control of the company.
3) The Israel Adventure cannot refund money due to sickness or any complications of travel. Participants are encouraged to buy travel insurance for unanticipated events prior and in the midst of travel to Israel.
4) Hotels are based upon availability.
5) Travelers should be in good physical shape to make the trip and assume walking of four to six miles in one day in the course of the trip.