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My time in Israel more than just expanded my perspective of the world, it transformed my paradigm. Everything in the Bible was suddenly alive and very, very real – with an authenticity that I could never replicate in my Western imagination. The on-site teachings we received made everything stick in my head as if I had actually lived there during that time. What an amazing experience!

Alex Vittetoe

Going to Israel with Dr. Davis has truly been a life-changing experience.  The presence of the Lord was evident in places like the Garden of Gethsemane, the Valley of Elah, and the Southern Steps.  God did some miraculous inner healing in my life while I was in Israel. It is an amazing experience to walk in the very places where my Lord and Savior, Jesus walked. This experience has also made reading the Bible come alive in a new and powerful way in my life.  If the opportunity came for me to go to Israel again with Dr. Davis, I definitely would go!

Jessica C.

My trip to Israel was indeed a life changing experience. I feel as if  I encountered the,person of Jesus Christ for the very first time! When I was there I no longer felt that the events of the Bible were some far away historical events, but that they were closer than I thought, I actually got to stand in the places that the history of my faith was made!

Alexa Lohry

Well, this trip was awesome for many reasons. For one, Dr. Davis’ sense of humor is one of a kind. He had a few of the boys imitating him by the end of the trip. Our bus driver, Moti, was a boss! He maneuvered the bus like a New York taxi driver his cab. And, then there was the beloved Eli. You would be so fortunate, so blessed, to have him as a tour guide: he really looked after everyone. He reminded everyone that we were not just a community of faith, but family. I will never forget Eli, who led us for the first leg of our trip or, the “always a good time,” Sara who led us on the final days of our journey. My two most memorable experiences of the trip were Ein Gedi and Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Ein Gedi definitely did not disappoint. I was so pleased that Eli took us for a nice hike up to the cave where David and his men hid. Words really cannot do justice to the beauty of Ein Gedi that now lives in my heart–when you visit, you too are certain to be enraptured by the sights, smells and sounds of the place. Now, I loved Hezekiah’s Tunnel because it was a bit of an adventure carrying all my things through the “wet side” of the tunnel. I had an accident with my paper shopping bag disintegrating after unknowingly dragging it through the water, and what a joy it was to see everything float back to me. One last thing, you’ll want to record Dr. Davis’ devotionals; they truly are transforming. And, the more stories of apologetics in action that you can get him to tell, the better. 🙂

Juanita Carpenter

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