If you’re looking to pay for the Israel 10-Day Tour, you can find the payment plans below. You can also pay all at once if you prefer. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use the option below. You can use a Debit/Credit Card. Be advised there is an additional fee for using this option. If you prefer to pay another way, including Zelle, please contact Dr. Joe Davis (jhdavis@seu.edu). A schedule for the payment plans are as follows:

September 1: Non-Refundable Deposit of $250

November 15: $1,000 per person

January 15: $1,000 per person

February 15 Final Payment:

Israel: $582 per person (Land) / $1,582 (Land & Air).
7 Churches: $1,641.00

The Israel Adventure 2023 Pricing

If you’d prefer to pay in segments rather than all at once, please make sure you confirm with Dr. Davis (jhdavis@seu.edu) or Dr. Gaulden before using this method. 

If you wish to pay by check, please send it to:

The Israel Adventure
4616 Mt. View Dr.
Lakeland, Fl. 33813

Non-Refundable Deposit: $250
Prices after deposit is paid:
Israel 10-Day Tour: $3,500
7 Churches & Rome: $3,527
SEU Alumni Trip (Paris/Israel): $4,000
SEU Alumni Trip (Petra Add-On): $1,000

Important Information About Your Trip

1) The Israel Adventure is not responsible for flight cancellations and subsequent changes to the itinerary for the cancellation/rerouting/or lateness of the airplanes. Such circumstances are outside of the control of the Israel Adventure and must be pursued through the airline.

2) The Israel Adventure does not guarantee that all sites will be visited. Numerous varibiles exist outside of the control of the company including size and movement of groups and closing of sites for reasons beyond the control of the company.

3) The Israel Adventure cannot refund money due to sickness or any complications of travel. Participants are encouraged to buy travel insurance for unanticipated events prior and in the midst of travel to Israel.

4) Hotels are based upon availability.

5) Travelers should be in good physical shape to make the trip and assume walking of four to six miles in one day in the course of the trip.